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Blackwing Descent: 10 (N) (3/7) : Magmaw - KILLED || Omitron Defense System - KILLED || Chimaeron - Pending || Atramedes - Pending || Maloriak - KILLED || Nefarian and Onyxia - Pending

Throne of the four winds: 10 (N) (0/2) : Conclave of Wind - Pending || Al'akir - Pending

Bastion of Twilight: 10 (N) (1/4) : Halfus Wyrmbreaker - KILLED || Valiona and Theralion - Pending || Ascendant Council - Pending || Cho'gall - Pending

Currently Guild is on SOCIAL status. Thanks for being with us.

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 Time to climb the ladder?

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PostSubject: Time to climb the ladder?   Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:37 pm

Atm, we are at 127th rank on our server (Source) and in world, oh its too many digits out there. I am sure all of us want to climb that table and get into top (at least in top 25 if not in 10) and show Horde that we are still as good as when we were at ally side.

I have some points to share:

1. We do not have sufficient people to raid. - Yes i completely accept it. Now, there is a very less population out there who want to join us. And out of that group there is still a cut down as we currently need healers and not really in the need of dps.

This situation will only improve if more people are willing to join us. We need to have a strong progress and a good ranking for more people to join us. There are exceptional players out there in Horde who may be willing to join us if we work at our full potential.

2. We are new to Horde. - We are still new to Horde and we are not familiar with many of the players who tend to pug. (IDK if this true for all, but is true at least for me as i never pugged any raid except BH at horde.) Horde has huge population compared to our ally, and there may be good players out there willing to pug with us.

Its up to us to decide if we should accept pugs in progression runs or not. I would recommend pugs until we have a full core raiding group that we can use to raid.

Again, this is an open discussion and all of you please share your views. At the end of the day, I want BioHazard topping the tables and one of the guilds all want to join.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to climb the ladder?   Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:42 pm

Just give the new guild recruiment system! So spamming and forums that 20% of the ppl read are no longer only option to recruit. Razz

Spamming macro on trade = good ppl get annoyed and ignore less ppl to join and some ppl even has left trade chat for the spam.

forums are never worked due low population bother to read them... like when we went hord and i did put rec macro on forums this was before we lacked the progress... official rec forum 3 weeks - 12 views--- Official server forums 3 weeks - 8 views Oo and mmochamp same time line and 28 views....

now the new systems looks deacent and makes recruiting and joining/finding guild easier and that was people want these days... so they dont have to work for something they want Very Happy

Its just how it looks. It has changed alot and will change on PTR but i have seen it ingame and looks deacent... I Kinda wonder how come they havent added this in first place... Its a guild pve focused game without tools to recruit and join guilds.. Other then third party site / forums or SPAMMING.....

Ex-Guild Master of BioHazard
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Time to climb the ladder?
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