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 One of my days, 16.02.2011

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PostOne of my days, 16.02.2011

Well since i am on holidays and don't need to study etc i am enjoying my days, because they are about to expire and university will step into my life once again. So i woke up at 5:30 in the morning ( i love mornings where no people around no cars , almost no cars, no city noise! City is sleeping yet. I made my morning tea with sandwich and annihilated it in 15 minutes. Dressed up and now i am slowly started to move my butt to the ocean beach. I am not that kind of people that like to force their bodies in the morning running or something , no, i just walking slowly enjoying my morning cigarette. Daylight starting to beat up the shadows and i am almost at my destination. Finally i reached beach, my place where i love sitting and listening to the sound of waves hitting the sand on the shore. I took out another cigarette and lighted up it, the sun started to show up , horizon gained a bloody red color and once again there is me and sun 1 on 1 looking at each other, sun path is all over the water, it looks amazing. Its not everyday im doing like this but since it was raining for a weeks , today was a special day with a good weather. Talking about weather , in Portugal here weather changes in minutes , shiny day can turn into the raining disaster in 10 minutes. I heard that's because of ocean near , strong winds can bring rain in any moment.
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After i finished my cigarette i waited for sun to finish his. Checked my phone and it was 6:30 am. Time to go home since the city will wakes up now and there will be a lot of smoke in the air. I came back home, entered my room and saw another beautifull sun sleeping it is my girlfriend, i couldnt wake her up. So i just silently switched on computer and checked if i had new mails, if everything is ok with our forum etc. By that time my girlfriend woke up and made up. It was like 9 am and we decided to go out to the park in Lisbon. Its like 10 minutes driving from our house. So we get there , chilled a bit on a bench enjoying the view . ( btw those 2 shadows thats we )
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At 12 pm we get really hungry and we hadnt time to get home and cook something so we decided to go to commercial center to eat something there. In this centers there are 3 types of food. First is healthy but its like only herbs, second is OVERPRICED in elite restaurants and third is our friend that i bet everyone knows - McDonalds. So we get our menus ( Big Tasty menu for me and McChicken for her ) and enjoyed the meal.
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Looked at my phone again and it was 2pm its time to bring my gf to work. She is working part-time and yes thats why almost everyday i have to go for 20-30 mins at 9pm ( ST ) 8 pm Local time, at that time i pick her back home from work. So on the way back home my girl wanted to breath a bit of air near the ocean. ( you might not understand this but near the ocean air is different, it gives strenght for all day ). So we stopped for a bit near the beach. No wind, it feels like +18-20 Celsius. Only me , my girlfriend , ocean and 100500 cars on the highway near.
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This day ocean was relaxing and slowly hitting the shore but other days happens to see waves higher than 10 meters.
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So after being for like 15 minutes there we went home, she changed her cloth and i took her to the place where she works. On the way back i stopped once again on the beach , smoked another cigarette and said cya to the ocean.
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On the way back home it started to rain strongly ,but i was happy that i enjoyed the sunny part of the day. So now i am at home planning to log to wow and outside is raining as hell.
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Comments are welcome Wink

NOTE: All pictures were taken on other days but they describing the real places i mentioned above.

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One of my days, 16.02.2011 :: Comments

Re: One of my days, 16.02.2011
Post on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:12 pm by Chronyel
Nice one! U made me miss sun and no snow!! And the ocean awesome. Closest to us for Ocean is the baltic sea its not nearly as cool as ur ocean and anyways i live about 200km from it anyways Very Happy And lol at the raining! Im happy that is not sunshine and happiness all the time (no im not jelous) xD And ur GF looks hawt now i know why u might wanna spend time with her instead of wow sometimes =)=) nice one!
Re: One of my days, 16.02.2011
Post on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:23 pm by MaxFax
ty =)
Re: One of my days, 16.02.2011
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One of my days, 16.02.2011

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