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 My day 16.02.2011:

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PostMy day 16.02.2011:

Okay i just wanted to share one day of my life! And plz reply story about ur day, i wanna see how different ppl days are Very Happy:D

Okay here goes nothing.. So after killing Omintron and getting maloriakk 3%. Raid finally ends around 00.30 my time and i get to go sleep around 01.15... I sleep in my warm bed, dreaming about rainbo... i mean dreaming how awesome our maloriakk kill will be ;D well seriously i cant remember what i dreamed about :S 06.45 my alarm clock goes off, I wish i could just throw it on wall and keep sleeping but no i wake up. Eat [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for breakfast and drink some energy drinks (dont like coffee).

After that i check the weather! Ah gonna be sunny day and only -30 celsius cold! xD Not bad since in northern finland there have been reports of -40 celsius (with wind it feels more then -50 celsius...) so not bad Very Happy After this i go check if any of the cars will start! well i get the uber volvo to run so i leave it to warm up and go back in to kill some time before i have to leave... I get back in my sister calls and asks if i can drive her to school. She dosent wanna walk 4 km in this weather for some reason Oo... So now im in hurry since i have to drive my sister to school, pickup my work buddy and be at the work place 08.00 and clock is 07.30 atm... Well i go bk outside into the gold car and start driving towards my sister place... After picking up my sister clock is around 07.40 now. I head bk to the center of the city and realize there is huge traffic Very Happy Well im try to pick up every short cut i know and finally i arrive at my work buddy's place 07.50 now.. And from there i drive my sister to school and then i have to hurry to the place where we are supposed to work. And i make it and even got spare minute left Very Happy

Well for my work atm.. Most of the time we are clearing roofs from snow before the buildings collapse. There is 1.5 meters to 2 meters snow on most of the roofs and they arent small roofs. (There has been 5-7 buildings that collapsed this winter already.... mostly warehouses even some stores and sport halls). Today we needed to clear Factor called Entso's roof it took us about 4 hours without any brakes (was hell for the first 30 min after that everything started to go numb and it didn't feel so cold...) If u stopped and took a break. You would get too cold so had to keep doing something all the time Very Happy

When were done all my cloths were frozen, becose of the cold weather and sweat Very Happy After that i drive my work buddy to home. And drive myself back to the office to return the shovels etc we used. Also they showed me my new jobs places i need to keep clear from snow (only when it has been snowing.. Its like they call me previous day that theres gonna be snow and i have to be 05.00 next morning clearing the places that are my responsibilities like Hospital doorways etc) After that its 13.30 and im back at home. I eat some lasagne and bread, and right after that i have to go back outside to drive my sister from school to home!!

Im back home around 14.00 and finally i can turn my computer on and check facebook and all other useless places Very Happy now its 15.00 i just logged in wow no1 was online so i think im gonna watch movie, eat also maybe i go visit some store or something.... And after that i guess its raid time Very Happy And looks like i dont have work tomorrow atleast the phone hasn't ringed yet.. so maybe i can sleep abit longer Very Happy

Weekend there will be Finnish championship rally race here so i might go there.. (Luckily this year i dont have to work there, so i can just go and enjoy the race, tho weather procast is saying it will be around -30 whole weekend so maybe i just stay home Laughing )

SO how was your day today!! Reply and share ur experiences!! Like Max tell me how it was in Portugal!! Wink

And for fun. How much it sometimes snows in Finland... And no the car hasent been standing whole winter. It wasn't in use for 2 days, and that the result..... Pic is about month old.
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Well i have to say its not booring to live in finland from weather point of view... Last summer it was +37.2 Celsius many days (was new heat record in Finland) and now in winter its been around -40 Celsius and its record for this winter aswell (all time record in finland was -55 Celsius, year 1999) xD

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My day 16.02.2011: :: Comments

Re: My day 16.02.2011:
Post on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:56 pm by MaxFax
Gladly read your post mate, and realized that i kinda miss snow these days. Very nice!

My day 16.02.2011:

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