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Throne of the four winds: 10 (N) (0/2) : Conclave of Wind - Pending || Al'akir - Pending

Bastion of Twilight: 10 (N) (1/4) : Halfus Wyrmbreaker - KILLED || Valiona and Theralion - Pending || Ascendant Council - Pending || Cho'gall - Pending

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 [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:21 am

Personal info:

Tell us a bit about yourself:
love wow and just looking for a guild to start raiding with

Name: Liam Appleby


Ocupation : warehouse opperative


Character info:i have a level 85 druid which i dont play no more, but my fav is snozgobla 85 elemental goblin shaman love this guy play him everyday

In-game nick name: dont really have one :/

Discuss your talents,race,class and tell us how long you have been this particular spec:
my goblin sahman is elemental and i ve been playing him for 12 day 35 mins 9 secs

You the unique owner of an account ?
What previous Guilds have you been in ?
i was in notnice when i lvled then i joined blitz
What was the reason that you left them ?
they wernt raiding enough
Previous Raiding Experience:
ive only just started raiding really ive downed magmaw
How much time /played do you have ?

Is there anyone here at Biohazard that you know?
yeah atmospheric a warlock and rictorscale i know them in person
How did you learn about BioHazard ?
through them they said use guys raid quite abit
Are you able to respec whenever asked for it to help specifics fights?
Are you able to use all consumables during the encounters? (flask, foods, haste and wild magic potions)
wouldnt go anywhere without them
What's your internet connection like ?
its really good

Do you have a mic and able to use ventrillo when requested?
Do you have a Deadly Boss Mod or BigWigs addon ?
no but can get one if its needed
You have attentively read guild rules and loot distribution rules and agree them to carry out ?
Whether you are ready to a competition and stay on replacement ?

Why are you applying to us:to get into the guild and start raiding
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:59 am

Hello Liam, quite short application i say but its common last these days. Do you have some resto gear on your shammy ? And if Yes , would you mind to be resto when it needs since the most problem now in guild are healers, if we not raiding thats because of healers ))) So would be really , really nice if u could heal. And in future if we recruit some healer you could come back to your elemental spec. But what i am saying doesnt mean that i dont want you as elemental , since we need range dps aswell. Anyway thumbs up and lets wait what other says. Good luck!

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:43 pm

Well Rictorscale told me about his Elemental friend shammy and I told him to make him apply since i cannot decide player can join to the guild or not by myself! I asked as well if he does have some healing gear but I guess he doesnt have any but anyway since we dont have any elemental shammy that could be great one though dpser is nice as well more people will only bring us to the activity So I thumbs up for this one I hope he`ll be active as mush as possible but Max dont worry about healers we`ll figure out something about this if that means I`ll become a healer as well Razz
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:59 pm

As we do not have any range shammy atm I would say Yes.

I saw your profile on armory, looks u r missing some gems and ench. I'm sure it would be great if you can get them.
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:26 pm

Well one ranged shammy wouldnt hurt, ACCEPTED on trial , whisp any of CL or me for invite

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman   

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[ACCEPTED] Elemental Shaman
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