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 [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:52 am

Personal info:

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Well, I'm 26 years old, soon to be 27. I study too become a teacher for kiddo's in the age of 13-16. Most of the time it's just slack but sometimes I do need to focus a bit more on school then WoW. Since the server is totally screwed today I have been drinking some wine so if something is unclear, please ask me to explain Smile

Name: Ea

Age: 26

Ocupation: Student

Location: Nyköping, Sweden

Character info:

In-game nick name: Eae

Discuss your talents,race,class and tell us how long you have been this particular spec:
(ie: mostly played holy, just went shadow 2 weeks ago):
Fire mage since the end of tbc (rogue the rest of tbc) pure single target specc atm since I haven't raided anything yet in Cata. I have always played fire and like it that way.

You the unique owner of an account ? yes.

What previous Guilds have you been in ? On the server Kazzak: Systemet . On Hamaruch (migrated in the early wotlk): The great council & New order. (migrated 2 month before Cata) On Jaedenar: Written in the stars (the guild I am in now)

What was the reason that you left them ? Systemet: merged with another guild, all core members left and the people we merged with wasn't very nice tbh.. TGC - both guildleaders had/was going to stop playing - got a great offer from New Order. Did regret it later tho, TGC was the best guild I ever had. New Order: I never felt like I fitted in the guild, no harm or fights. Just felt way to much pressure and raiding like 8 hours / day 7 days / week wasn't so good either.
The guild I am in now: We are 8 lvl 85. 6 of them haven't been online at all last 3-10 days (including guildleader). I do know it looks bad to apply too a new guild before leaving the old (like getting a new relationship before ending the last one) but I want the perks for my alt and I hate the fact that I would be spammed with guildinvites if I'm guildless.

Previous Raiding Experience:
Tbc: up the mount hyhjal on both rogue and this char
Wotlk: Up to Ulduar (server first on most kills there) Soon after that I quit raiding after leaving New Order, stopped playing a bit after that and started again in October or something. So well, My raiding experience doesn't look much. But I did whipe my ass off in the very beginning of Wotlk without whining and crying too much Smile

How much time /played do you have ?
oh, server is screwed atm. But it's A LOT. I'm pretty much online from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep (I do study over internet, so I'm even online on my lessons ^^)

Is there anyone here at Biohazard that you know? nope.

How did you learn about BioHazard ? I did see your post on wow-europe

Are you able to respec whenever asked for it to help specifics fights? yes of course.

Are you able to use all consumables during the encounters? (flask, foods, haste and wild magic potions) yes of course.

What's your internet connection like ?
Do you understand that you won't pass your trial if your disconnecting?
I got 10/10 cable connection. Very rare that I have connection issues. My chat (only think it's real id tho) are messing a lot when I use my router but most of the time everything goes fine.

Do you have a mic and able to use ventrillo when requested?
Only built-in mic atm but I will buy a new headset if I have too, but it seems to work ok during other conversations with several ppl (I do not play with speakers on)

Do you have a Deadly Boss Mod or BigWigs addon ?
I normally have dbm, not sure if i re-installed it after a wow-crash a couple of weeks ago tho. Np to get it again if i will be raiding Smile

You have attentively read guild rules and loot distribution rules and agree them to carry out ?
yeah ofc

Whether you are ready to a competition and stay on replacement ?
yeah, as long as i'm allowed to do something useful during the time (log an alt/go fishing or something)

Why are you applying to us:
I really want to raid again! I'm used to semi/hardcore raiding and now - without raiding, it feels a bit empty.
I know my gear isn't the best, i'm so damn tired of all the tanks leaving in random hc and my "personal" tank and healer are in Caribia atm So last 2 weeks I have mostly been standing on ah or levling up my alt. (And too add, I have been slacking on enchants and geming a little bit! Specially the weapon enchant (I did skill up enchanting and it seemed nice to have while only questing) and only a green gem in hands since I had it in bag the moment I got the new item.)
Maybe I should add that i'm not very loot-horny and I really have no problem of waiting for getting a spot in raid / jump in whenever needed.
It's a lot more important too me to be in a nice guild then to be in the best guild. And that maybe say something about me,
I'm not the best player you can find, but i'm nice and friendly and happy to help other ppl with whatever they need.

Well if u want to get in touch, /w me in game. I'm mostly on Eae or my alt Månia.
(and I will keep an eye on this page as well)

Well, Cya around Smile

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:32 am

So many Swedish people we might aswell soon change our guild to Swedish one xD Well gear is no problem at the moment since its new expansion! Also we have lack of mages atm and you did nice application! So in my opinion you would fit our roster very well. Lets hear what other have to say and we will decide about your invitation first thing tomorrow =) Thumbs up!

Ex-Guild Master of BioHazard
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:19 pm

Nice application, vote up!

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:47 pm

alo man, good looking application,as far i can see u missing some hit try reforging Some items with hit (its very important for raids to have around 1600-1640 hit raiting), ur specc/glyphs also looks good i vote up too.Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:54 pm

Nice long app which i like to see. i don't known much about mages but i think you should get a shot.

Thumbs up from me
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:42 pm


Whisper any class leader or Officer for invite! And register to forums! Welcome aboard!

Officer list

Ex-Guild Master of BioHazard
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage   

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[ACCEPTED]Eae - Undead fire mage
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