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 First raid with BioHazard!

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PostSubject: First raid with BioHazard!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:36 pm

Was Friday night!

Overall it was one of the best experiences I had in 5 years of this game. Both because of the raid atmosphere and the fact that the dungeon was brand new to me. Biohazard is an extremely serious guild, making the most demanding raid in current WoW look like a piece of cake. Best proof for it is the perfect coordination without the raid leader having to turn up the volume on Ventrilo chat. In fact there was total coordination even when Max left the Ventrilo entirely. The raid atmosphere was amazing. Lots of fun, lots of help for me in the tanks' channel. Even though I had to jump at the abominations after a vaild strategy laid down to me, things rolled very nicely on a quite funny evening.

Icc is absolutely fantastic! Nice animations, strong bosses, nasty tactics, lots of Naxxramass touch around. Also tons of loot for a lucky Available, she absolutely looks more sexy now. Notes:

> I lived my most real fears at the little oozes being untauntable and un-threat-able. I did not know this, so I was just running angrily behind them screaming curses for my threat output , until I had Chroniel in the tank chat "you know, you cannot do anything to the little ones, only the big". Then I was like ASDSAFDASGGGGGHHFFFFFFTTTTTASFAGGQTATATAR...
> I made quite some mistakes, mostly out of not knowing the bosses. Reading tactics can take you up to a certain point, but thet you have to live it to actually test one's mettle. Also did some wrong taunts - blame the stress for that - and had some inactivity around when not on bosses, because I was asking for help in the tank channel. Promise not to do that again Smile
> 9/12 bosses overnight, on a non schedule night even more, leaves you with a wild feeling. Can't wait to see the LK's head adorning our halls of fame Smile
> First alliance Halion kill in the server. Needs no explanation.

Overall, I am flying to the stars with BioHazard. I'm looking forward to becoming a raider, because I have loved everything in this guild in less than a week! Hail teh bioHazard!

P.s. 1 : Many many thanks to And for the free enchants and to all the tanks for the invaluable help on boss tactics. Thanks to Max as well for making my night with the jump tactics Smile
P.s. 2 : Had to sleep on the couch last night, gf was too pissed to share the bed. My fault, did not tell her we are a late night raiding guild. But she will get used to it (I hope).
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PostSubject: Re: First raid with BioHazard!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:06 pm

Haha im glad that you're happy with us , last night was good raid , hope it will continue, since before we had problems with activity, even canceled few raids because of lacking people. Jumping tactic is kind of test for new tanks )))) to see how far they can go jumping and tanking at the same time ))) You did well on that actually Wink

PS: Remember your GF > WoW , keep that in mind )))

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PostSubject: Re: First raid with BioHazard!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:23 pm

Hello there!

Yeah i liked the raid as well 9/12 Friday night with few first timers in ICC... Not bad at all =) Im happy that u find mine and And's tactic explaining useful Very Happy U did well concerning it was your first ICC raid and it was also good that u got some nice loot, so we can "use" you in even more gear demanding bosses like Putricide. And it was fun tanking with you overall u did what u were supposed to do =)

And dont worry about slacking between bosses... Only one who usually over aggros there is Max and he can just jump in bear form and tank Wink Im all ways like "Oh Maxfax has aggro CBA to taunt" Very Happy

And don't believe max WoW > GF!!! nah just joking ;P

Ex-Guild Master of BioHazard
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PostSubject: Re: First raid with BioHazard!   Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:24 pm

Hi buddy, glad to hear you enjoyed it and haven't got discouraged by that bunch of crazy ppl we are!
Btw don't listen to Maxfax, he's only temporary guild leader while I'm sorting my RL stuff, I'll be back on my position soon! lol!

As for the couch thing, try either Bouquet of Red Roses or Box of Chocolates, works well for me (married for 1 year here!)

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PostSubject: Re: First raid with BioHazard!   Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:14 pm

No, this won't work. My woman is crazy. She would fall for an ice sculpture in the middle of the summer, for example. But I have plans allready...
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PostSubject: Re: First raid with BioHazard!   

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First raid with BioHazard!
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