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 [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:45 pm

Personal info:

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I'm a young guy who has just recently graduated of school, starting at a new school in august, I have alot of free time, I have a girlfriend who also needs some attention so I might not be there every raid, but I can attend quite alot of raids.



Ocupation: nothing at the moment.

Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands

Character info:

In-game nick name: Superlemon

Discuss your talents,race,class and tell us how long you have been this particular spec:
(ie: mostly played holy, just went shadow 2 weeks ago): Well I've been playing ret since vanilla, I used to be on trollbane as a human paladin with the name mosterd, shortly ago I went holy for a short period, but it's not really the spec I enjoyed mostly, so I went back to retri which is where I am now, just a week ago I transferred to this place because of a friend, who now stopped playing, I also changed my race to keep the game a bit more interesting and the 1% hit rating is very nice to have, though during most raids you got it, this way I can be sure of the extra 1% hit and I have room for a diff stat.

What previous Guilds have you been in ? None worth mentioning, no real raiding guilds, just leveling guilds that existed for social purpose.

What was the reason that you left them ? Not really a reason

Previous Raiding Experience: full icc25, including some tries on lich king 25 and a very close to kill on 10 men lich king.

How much time /played do you have ? 138 days 12 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds.

Is there anyone here at Biohazard that you know? No, though chroniel showed me the link to apply here.

How did you learn about BioHazard ? Chroniel stood in ironforge and I just did a lfguild message in trade, I geuss he read that and linked it to me Smile

Are you able to respec whenever asked for it to help specifics fights? Yes ofcourse, my offspec is holy but I miss a ring since I used the ashen verdict one when I was holy.

Are you able to use all consumables during the encounters? (flask, foods, haste and wild magic potions) Yes, speed potions and flasks and my own buff food if needed.

What's your internet connection like ? stable and fast.
Do you understand that you won't pass your trial if your disconnecting? I do.

Do you have a mic and able to use ventrillo when requested? Yes and working mic too.

Do you have a Deadly Boss Mod or BigWigs addon? Deadly boss mod included.

Why are you applying to us: To be very honest, this seems to be the only guild recruiting, plus I've seen some members of biohazard walking around and it looks like it has mature players. Also I like that the guild isn't to big yet, nice to start out with a smaller group so you get to know people a bit better.

Post here a Screenshot from your UI: I am not to good with computers and I don;t know how to get a screenshot online. My ui looks kinda basic tho, using some addons, recount, omen3, watcher, deadlybossmods, power aura's classic, miks scrolling combat text, omniCC, BOLT ( some pala healer addon) and Grid for when I had to heal, now im kinda using it for a smaller raidframe.
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:52 pm

Yes i spotted ur message! He has a nice gear and seems to mature and nice guy aswell =) Very good application, nice xp in ICC, nice gear, nice attitude so i dont see any point to not give this guy a change. So You will get thumbs up from me. - Armory link

Ex-Guild Master of BioHazard
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin   Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:08 pm

Hi Roy, thanks for nice application. I'm almost safe to say welcome on board, but let's wait for others to share their thoughts. Cheers
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin   Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:29 pm

Well nice feedback about you mate so what else i can say as Welcome!

Accepted On Trial

Whisp me or some of CL for invite

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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin   

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[ACCEPTED]application - retribution paladin
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