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Currently Guild is on SOCIAL status. Thanks for being with us.

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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:24 am

Guild Focus = PVE progress and Community

We got very good CORE group of members that are currently Class leaders and Officers! They all have been in guild long time and have raided In ICC Heroics with the guild. But we still need new players to help us fill the missing roles so please READ the rules and if u think this is guild for you go and make application and become part of our awesome community!!! Hopefully you have same passion for PvE that we have and hopefully you know how to interrupt, Move out of fire etc!!

The Guild is its members. This means taking an active part in the Guild, joining in events, grouping with other Guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, doing what you can to help the Guild as a whole. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the Guild. And never forget - WoW is a game. Lets have fun, create moderate amounts of mayhem, and drink more beer!

Also never forget that you carry the Guild's name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being one of Biohazard, and make those around you happy to see one. Be polite, both to Guildies and fellow travellers. Be a nice person - even if this means you have to role-play the whole time (we're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...)! Don't spam, don't ninja-loot, don't kill steal, don't get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally train.

Any member who does not play within Blizzard's policies and Guild rules will be removed from the Guild, as this can damage a Guild's reputation. Conversely, if another player acts poorly toward you, then try politely asking them to stop or reach a compromise, and if that doesn't work, try speaking with one of their Guild's officers. There is never an excuse for dealing with like by like. Have self-respect. No begging in guild chat, and especially not in general/trade chat, /say, /yell etc. By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction. If it is not immediately urgent or you no-one is around to help, try the forums. For quest assistance, do some research, and if needed plan a date and time, asking for help from people through a forum post or setting up an event on our WoW Raid Manager site (formerly "PHP Raid"). It is easier to help those who help themselves in this respect.

Please do not auction or sell in guild chat - that is what the "Trading Post" forum part is for. If you are looking for services (gems, enchanting etc.) - your request should be polite and specific where possible. Guild members are under no obligation to fulfil the requests, however if they are not busy and have the time to spare, then providing assistance is encouraged. These should be non-exploitative - neither overcharging a guild member nor making a profit from another's good will. If a Guildie offers you something cheaply, buy it to use it, not to sell it on elsewhere. If no response to your request is received in guildchat, then direct whispers should not be used. By all means repeat the request after a polite amount of time but do not spam.
Probation period

All new recruits have a 2-3 weeks probation period and in that time they should spend as much time as possible interacting with the guild - grouping with members, attending events/raids, being active in guild chat, forum etc. This will give our current members the chance to get to know the recruit and vice versa. Recruits are promoted to Core-raiders or members by decision from Class leaders, officer and guild master.


The attendance that you must have to be in guild is 60% if you pass less than 60% attendance you will have to leave the guild or pass to normal member. If you have less than 80% you will have a nerf on your bids so you can only bid to max of 10 same as trial members. If you got 80% more attendance you can free bid on all items that you want.


Raids invites will be at 20:00St and 1st Pull will be at 20:30St. The raid ends at 23:30St.
All of guild members should be inside the instance at 20:30St ready to go buffed up and with appropriate 4 Flasks, 1 stack of Food if Fish feast doesnt buff you more and bring also Potions if you want to. And of course you should bring your good mood there !

We also have Sitout system. If a player wants to be sitouted for a raid, he will receive the same value of DKP's as the rest of the players that are on raid, but, the sitout players must be at Ventrillo/Teamspeak, to be ready to enter at a raid whenever an officer call. However, the sitout players can log alts or so. When the raid ends the sitouted players need to come whisper me to i see that they were all time here moreless between 23:30 and 00:00 server time.

Loot Distribution

We are using Basic DKP - simple auction bid system but also we consider Ranks priorities. Core-Raiders have priorities on Trials.
Also members that got less than 80% attendance will be nerfed on the loot capping their bids to max of 10 (Same as trials) but if a trial and a member without 80% or more attendance both bid 10 on same item the member will win it since its been here for more time than the trial.

Guild Ranks Explained

Inactive: Friends of guild members that dont raid, new people that are gearing before being able to join raids, people that have been long times inactive. Next step is guild kick unless person will provide reason for inactivity
Trial: New member of the guild, Last 2-3 weeks, Max bid up to 10
Member: Guild member that has attendance lower then 80%, Max bid up to 10 priority on loot over trial still
Core-Raider: Guild member with attendance higher then 80% part of the core raid group, unlimited bids, priority on progress raids over members/trials
Class Leader: Part of guild leadership helps people with their classes, helps Officer/Guild master leading the guild, unlimited bids, decides who raids from hes/her class per raid
Officer: Part of guild leadership, Raids leader, helps guild master leading the guild, unlimited bids, decides who raids from hes/her class per raid
Guild master: Leader of the guild, Raid leader

The bid system works like THIS

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Guild Rules
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