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 DKP System

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PostSubject: DKP System   Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:43 pm


  • Starting DKPS: 10 DKP to all who enter in guild

  • Signup on raid calendar for raids and show up on time of begining the raid: 1 DKP

  • Signup on raid calendar as tenative will not award you with DKP when you show up! But if you dont show up you wont get minus dkp either

  • Signup on raid calendar for raids and not show up on time of begining the raid: -3 DKP

  • New boss kill: 5 DKP

  • Farmed boss kill: 1 DKP

  • Each 60 minutes of raid: 1 DKP

  • Being AFK during the raid encounter without agreement of RL : -1 DKP. If raid member remains AFK over 15 minutes, such person is removed from the raid, which also follows with -5 DKP (See below)

  • Leave raid before it ends or not show up when u are sitouted: -5 DKP

  • Causing raid wipe due to ninjapull/unfamiliarity with tactics: -2 DKP

  • 50% Decay: Every 2 months we will cut 50% of whole guild dkp's so new members dont start with low dkp's and members have high numbers of dkp's.

    How Items Are Auctioned
    • After a boss dies, the Master Looter (ML) will link the drops in raid chat. When this happens, clear raid chat and vent so bidding can proceed.
    • Auctions are public, with bids submitted through raid chat and repeated by the ML over vent.

      First - Mainspec Priority:

    • The ML will begin by linking an item for bidding in raid chat and will announce over vent that the item is open to bidding.

      Note: Trials and member rank Can Bid Only Untill 10 DKPs, Raiders can bid unlimited
    • If a bid is placed, the ML will repeat the bid over vent, followed by calls of going once and going twice, after which, if no further bids have been placed, the ML will transmit a SOLD message to raid chat denoting the cutoff-point after which further bids on the item are no longer considered valid. Bids which are submitted and appear in raid chat before the SOLD message is transmitted are considered valid.

      Second - Offspec Priority:

    • If no members bid for mainspec, the ML will announce over vent that the item is open to rolling for offspec.

    • The Highest Roll win an item.

      Third - Disenchant:

    • If no members bid for mainspec and offspec, the ML will give an item to disenchanter and the result of disenchanting will go to guild bank.


    • Wait to bid until it is your time to bid, as announced by the ML over vent.

    • There can't be same bids on item so players have to bid higher until others stop.( Trials and member rank can bid only untill 10. Raiders can bid unlimited)

    • There is no bidding limit - you can go all in. (minimum bid requirements is 1).
    • There is no limit to the number of bids you can submit for an item - players can keep bidding each other up until one is all in.
    • Do not ask how much DKP you have during a raid as it wastes everyone's time. Similarly, "all in" is not a valid bid. You are responsible for knowing how many points you have - check your DKP before each raid. If you win an item by spending more points than you have, you will be charged 150% of what you spent on the item.

    • DKP is usually updated after the raid finished, in which case you are not allowed to spend points you've earned in the same night, but again, you are responsible for keeping track of your points.
    • Do not ask the raid to wait or pause bidding while you consider whether/how badly you want an item. You are responsible for researching loot tables in advance and knowing how much you're willing to spend on upgrades. Don't hold up the raid.



    • Boss: Lich King

      [Raid] [ML]: [ Tainted Twig of Nordrassil]

      (Vent) ML: "Tainted Twig of Nordrassil, Main Spec bid."

      [Raid] [Maxfax]:!bid 1

      (Vent) ML: "Maxfax 1...going once..."

      [Raid] [Chroniel]:!bid 2

      (Vent) ML: "Chroniel 2...going once..."

      [Raid] [Maxfax]:!bid 3

      (Vent) ML: "Maxfax 3...going once..."

      [Raid] [Chroniel]:!bid 4

      (Vent) ML: "Chroniel 4...going once...going twice - "

      [Raid] [Maxfax]:!bid 50

      (Vent) ML: "Maxfax 50...going once...going twice..."
      [Raid] [ML]: SOLD

      (Vent) ML: "Sold to Maxfax for 50."

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DKP System
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